Sunday, January 6, 2013


Cartoonist's Commentary:
Would the "powers that shouldn't be" wait until almost everyone put
their money in gold and silver, then declare it to have hit zero value overnight?
You BET they would! (And they could do it quicker than trying to crash the stock market.
Only this way, killing off goldbugs won't "bug" their forewarned stock market pals.)

UPDATE: (One Year Later)
1/6/14 - In just the last month, the price of gold has dropped like a rock.
(A gold-colored rock, of course.) Yes I indeed AM a great psychic -
when it comes to fraud. Also, check history, and you'll see that over
hundreds of years the gains of all long-term gold investors has
amounted to a grand total of... ZERO!

Yes, avid art experts, this is the award-winning, satiric parody of a comic strip
starring the legendary Ed, Vicki, Stoney, Kristi and all their pathetic little pals!
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